Anne-Marie Faniel, soprano


Anne-Marie Faniel was born in Montreal and studied at the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal first in viola with Mr. Robert Verebes and then definitively in classical singing, under the tutelage of Mr. André Turp, the famous Canadian tenor.

Over the years, the soprano has performed in several oratorios, such as Mozart's Requiem, Stabat Mater and Pietà Signore. Concerts of the greatest Italian, French and German operatic arias, as well as operas and operettas such as Carmen, La Belle de Cadiz, La Comtesse Maritza and Romeo and Juliet, to name but a few.

She recorded her first album, Noël Angélique, at Studio 12 of the Maison Radio-Canada, which had a great success right out of the box. This album was in the top 10 sellers on the charts of the best-selling classical Christmas records in Quebec.

Invited by the famous Cuban pianist and composer Frank Fernandez and Maestro Perez Mesa, conductor of the Cuban National Orchestra, the soprano immortalized a collection of French melodies: Reconnaissance. A series of performances in Cuba and Quebec followed by the release of this album.


Invited by the renowned Quebec composer Marc Provençal, allows Mrs. Faniel to explore another facet of the classical voice. Original and powerful songs, written specifically for the voice of Anne-Marie, will emerge to make the album Vincerò. This one allows the democratization of the operatic voice through a more current musical medium.

Provençal is at the origin of many successes of famous Quebec artists, such as Roch Voisine, Ginette Reno, Marie-Chantal Toupin and Francis Martin to name only these. He has also been on tour with famous Quebec singer Celine Dion. A very talented musician who continues to produce, to this day, works of great popularity.

VINCERÒ, a show from the album, was presented at the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier at Place des Arts of Montreal in front of a packed venue of more than 3,000 people, Anne-Marie Faniel seduced, once again, the Quebec public.

VINCERÒ SHOW - ANNE MARIE FANIEL (Wilfrid-Pelletier november 30th 2012)

Invited by the city of Prato and producer Gianluca Bertoletti, the soprano made her debut in Italy in front of more than 4000 people on the occasion of the reopening of the Renaissance Museum. She performed, aside the renowned Italian soprano Katia Ricciarelli, the greatest Italian operatic arias in front of a seduced audience where she was repeatedly acclaimed during her performance.

In a different vein, the soprano explores another repertoire by making a trip to the world of jazz, performing Gershwin with the best jazz musicians in Montreal such as Félix Stüssi (1st price at the famous international jazz festival of Montreal) on piano and Roger Walls on trumpet. This jazz trumpet giant made the musical arrangements for the 70th birthday of the famous singer Ella Fitzgerald.

A committed artist, Anne-Marie first signs the lyrics of the song Vivre, because her ultimate goal is to deliver a message: To live intensely and with awareness, the invaluable gift that is Life!


Faniel performs regularly on various scenes in Quebec ... and around the world!

The soprano has more than one string to her bow. Multi-disciplinary artist and businesswoman Anne-Marie Faniel is also a designer and painter. In addition to her operatic career, she is the designer of the Faniel eyewear collection. Its glasses and paintings are sold around the world.

Her pictorial talent and her sought-after color mix flow in her veins! Indeed, she is the granddaughter of the Belgian painter Alfred Faniel, named knight of the court of Belgium.

Inspired by an intense thirst for life, Faniel creates strong works and assumed as much in his collection of artistic frames as in her pictorial works. The urgency to live fully, passionately and freely are the characteristics that emerge from her colourful work.